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East Stroudsburg, PA


The possibilities that are presented on a blank canvas and the smell of freshly applied gesso have always inspired Jason Williamson to be creative. “Although a canvas may be blank it is full of significance and acts as a muse for self-expression”. The challenges that each new piece brings to the table are exhilarating and Jason always strives for a new approach or method of technique to satisfy his artistic visions. He enjoys working in oil and acrylic mediums; however oil has become his favorite medium of choice. In addition, he also incorporates other mediums such as ink when working with acrylics. When working in either medium Jason generally likes to paint abstract and landscape works. Growing up in the woods of the Pocono Mountains has made quite a lasting impression on him and has instilled a close relationship with nature. “When collecting references and material I like to be alone in the woods and engage in the depth of my surroundings”. The birds chirping, lighting, colors and the seemingly endless detail really puts him into the zone, and is a great escape from modern day life. However, when Jason works on abstract paintings he likes to explore his “mentalscape”. Jason does this by experimenting with different ways to explode on canvas and finding solutions to visual “problems” that he creates. Some of Jason Williamson’s biggest inspirations for painting are but not limited to: Claude Monet, William Turner, James Whistler, and Wassily Kandinsky. In addition, he was guided by many family members and mentors. Without all of their input his canvas would still be blank.
Born in 1985, Jason Williamson realized at a young age that he was interested in art. “I remember the painting shows that were on television and how they inspired me when I was very young” he said. “At that time I didn’t really have an art setup so I would go through the house and look for anything I could use to create art including pastels and crayons”. He would then “paint” along with the artists on television. However, the television wasn’t his only source of inspiration growing up. “My mother and fraternal grandfather were both art directors and freelance artists, and my paternal grandmother was a painter and freelance artist as well”. These family members along with others were always supportive of Jason’s efforts, usually offering lessons and tips. “I am thankful for all the mentors and family members who pulled me aside and showed me techniques throughout the years”. He enjoys painting both abstract and landscape works equally and sometimes he works on both subjects at the same time. “Moving back and forth is a great way to keep your mind focused on the big picture, because sometimes you end up with tunnel vision if you focus on a particular piece or subject too long”. Jason is looking forward to a life of creativity and exploration in his painting career. “This is what I feel my niche in life is supposed to be, I couldn’t live any kind of existence without painting and creating art!” Jason currently works out of his studio in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

• Pocono Mountain School Exhibit, PA 2003
• Pocono Mountain School Exhibit, PA 2004
*Numerous awards including first place best of show award*
• Art On Main Exhibit–Stroudsburg, PA 2014
• OsteoStrong Exhibit – Nashville, TN 2014
• Member of the Pocono Arts Council, PA 2014
• Brookview Manor Exhibit (permanent), PA 2004 -2014
• Pocono Mountain School (career day class exhibit) , PA 2005
• 2nd Place award for excellence in Bright Splashes contest, (FAA online), “Gateway”, 2014
• 4 paintings exhibited at Grand Ole Opry Christmas vendor event, Nashville, TN 2014, (special thanks to Kara Williamson and Jason Cronan).


P3 - Granite Burst by Jason Williamson


P2 - Reef by Jason Williamson


P1- Earth View by Jason Williamson


Chaotic Ascension by Jason Williamson


Moonlight Navigator by Jason Williamson


Internal Dynamics # 9 by Jason Williamson


Rainmakers' Dance by Jason Williamson


Forevergreen Preserve by Jason Williamson


Internal Dynamics # 8 by Jason Williamson


Lily Pads On A Pond, Overcast Sky 3pm by Jason Williamson


Rainmakers' Circus by Jason Williamson


Lure Eye Expression by Jason Williamson


Expression # 15 by Jason Williamson


Expression # 13 by Jason Williamson


Expression # 14 by Jason Williamson


Expression # 12 by Jason Williamson


Birchwood by Jason Williamson


Crop Circles by Jason Williamson


Internal Dynamics # 7 Slumber Of The Medium by Jason Williamson


Creatures Of Sea Glass Reef by Jason Williamson


Internal Dynamics # 6 by Jason Williamson


Internal Dynamics # 5 by Jason Williamson


Internal Dynamics # 4 by Jason Williamson


Internal Dynamics # 3 by Jason Williamson


Internal Dynamics # 2 by Jason Williamson


Cerebral Decor # 6 by Jason Williamson


Internal Dynamics # 1 by Jason Williamson


Expression # 10 by Jason Williamson


Expression # 9 The Blues Down And Out by Jason Williamson


Expression # 8 by Jason Williamson


Spring Bloom # 2 by Jason Williamson


Spring Bloom #1 by Jason Williamson


Cerebral Decor # 5 by Jason Williamson


Technicolor Bloom by Jason Williamson


Geometric Music by Jason Williamson


Rusted Repetition by Jason Williamson


Expression # 7 by Jason Williamson


Tracks And Treads # 2 by Jason Williamson


Showery Autumn Expression by Jason Williamson


Tracks And Treads by Jason Williamson


Expression # 5 by Jason Williamson


Expression # 4 by Jason Williamson


Expression # 3 by Jason Williamson


Cerebral Decor # 4 by Jason Williamson


Expression # 2 by Jason Williamson


Expression # 1 by Jason Williamson


Cerebral Decor # 3 by Jason Williamson


Circle Speaker by Jason Williamson